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Free Minecraft Server Hosting

If you, like literally millions and millions of people all over the world, have absolutely fallen in love with everything that Minecraft has to offer – but aren’t all that crazy about spending money every single month to play on a server – then you are in luck!
When you decide to move forward with our Free Minecraft Server Hosting solutions, not only are you able to play one of the world’s most popular video games (of all time), but you’re also going to be able to do so with complete and total control over the server and its settings!

Yes, when you decide to move forward with our Free Minecraft Hosting solution (thanks to our dedicated sponsors that allow us to provide this service free of charge), you are in complete control!

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Free Minecraft Hosting

No more Hamachi or wasting time port forwarding, our nodes are online and available for you 24/7! Obviously, a Free Minecraft Server Hosting solution isn’t for everyone. However, there are a lot of “power players” out there that have barely scratched the surface of Minecraft and are looking for a unique experience. Having the ability to completely control all different kinds of settings, to add your own custom plug-ins, and to bring in your friends and family members is an enticing and exciting reality that you’ll be able to enjoy! On our Free Minecraft Servers we have 27 pre-installed mods for you which you have an instant access to and you can also switch between them at any given time.

How do I know these Free Minecraft Servers are legit?

Well, all you have to do is quickly research our specific Free Minecraft Server Hosting solution to discover that literally thousands of other people have already moved forward with our set up – and are over the moon with the results! Secondly, we have absolutely nothing to gain here – in that you are never going to be charged anything (ANYTHING) at any point in time to use the servers. Thanks to our dedicated sponsorships, you’re going to be able to play Minecraft exactly as you want to with no headaches or hassles whatsoever.

How can I get started with your Free Minecraft Hosting program?

It’s pretty easy to get started, and it’s getting even easier all the time. All you have to do is complete a short survey which is completely free and after that you'll get an e-mail message containing information about your own new Free Minecraft Server. You also need to have your own version of Minecraft installed on your computer, but that’s about it.

It just doesn’t get much easier than this!